At Wilkinson Eyre’s Gardens by the Bay, whilst on assignment in Singapore (photo by Jim Stephenson).

I understand there’s a lot at stake when bringing a photographer or filmmaker on board to document your work. After all, in one or two days I aim to capture what you’ve spent several years creating.

So I thrive on working closely alongside you, appreciating what you bring to this intensely creative and collaborative process. I feed off your commitment to the bigger picture and pay attention to the smallest detail.

I was telling stories as a filmmaker and photographer long before I entered the worlds of architecture and design. And I’ve weathered most of what the far corners of the world could throw at me. I’ve travelled, equipment in hand, through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

But I’m much more than a ‘safe pair of hands’, and it’s the photographs and films that matter in the end, not the problems overcome along the way. After more than 25 years in the business, I still approach each new project with thoughtful curiosity, ready to find the story you want to tell.

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